About Hyper Dimensional Distribution

 After more than 20 years in search of spirit, plant medicines, secret knowledge, sacred geometry, exotic parties, artistic inspiration, and beautiful people, I now open a Hyper Dimensional portal for you into this world. . . .

A doorway if you will, out of the normal day-to-day and into our world....  

For far too long, I bought clothing from companies that don't share my values or like my lifestyle.  If you're as tired as I am of that experience, and you like the clothing, then rest assured that when you buy from us, you're buying

products made by Heads for Heads.

All of the labels that will be featured here are operated by people like us.  People you might have danced next to.  People you might have shared a passing smile with at a summer festival.  When you shop here, your money stays in and helps to strengthen a small, but growing, community of people like you.

Our aim here at Hyper Dimensional Distribution is to bring you HIGH quality psychedelic alien wear for a great price.

So have fun looking around. 

  But then come back to us, as we will be stocking the site over the next year with all kinds of goodies. Like shirts, dresses, pants, hats, skirts, watches, and tapestries!  Also look for us on facebook.com/hyperdim and on Instagram.com/hyper_d379